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The Logo of Rosenbörse
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The Logo of Rosenbörse

About us

Roses are our passion since 1999.

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The most beautiful roses come from Ecuador

Only happy roses are able to make people happy. That’s why our roses are prospering at around 3000m above sea level in a beautiful environment in Ecuador. Ecuador is well known to produce the most precious Roses in the whole wide world. The mild climate during the day and the cold nights make our roses exceptionally robust.

People- and environment friendly roses

But also only happy people are able to produce happy roses. That’s why our roses originate exclusively from Ecuadorian family farms. Together with our farmers we attach great importance to people and environment friendly production. All farms are also certified by the German Flowerlabel program.

Our history

The motivation

“When it comes to roses, Urs Kägi & Hervé Briatte are flourishing. “This is Vendela – tender and beautiful”, raves the 48 year old Urs and shows us the white rose bouquet in his entrance as if it was his beloved daugther.”
So it sounds in the article of the Schweizer Illustrierte from September 2010. However, one does not have to read the article to understand that the two founders mentioned above are passionate rose fans – Would you like an example? Co-founder Hervé Briatte was often only really happy when he could decorate his house with hundreds of roses. It is therefore not surprising that the two founders developed a new rose variety especially for the Rose d’Or Festival in collaboration with a breeder.
So it was the love for the roses that motivated the two private and business partners to found the Rosenbörse. Hervé ordered roses every Saturday to decorate the apartment, but they were already withered on Tuesday! And quickly they were sure… They can do it better.

The foundation

With the motivation to sell the most beautiful roses, they ordered roses from all over the world and compared them until they found what they were looking for in Ecuador. 2 family businesses were able to satisfy the high quality standards and deliver freshly picked roses every day.
So now they had the beautiful goods, but they had to be sold somehow. Briatte, previously worked successfully as a raw materials trader, exchanged his beloved Jaguar for a delivery van in order to pick up the fresh roses at the airport and then sell them at a market stall in Lucerne.

And the careful selection paid off. Smiled at first, their business began to flourish and they could hardly save themselves from orders. And so after a few 7-day weeks of selling, delivering and putting together bouquets, the Rosenbörse was born.

The Rosenbörse

The next logical step was to have their own shop that was fully specialized in high-quality roses.


In 2005 the gates of the first Rosenbörse in Zug opened

The Rosenbörse in Lucerne was added in 2007

In 2010 we were able to open another branch directly at Zurich HB


The Rosenbörse now employs around 30 people who are full of passion and motivation every day to ensure that many people become satisfied customers.

Rosenbörse Zug

Opened in 2005

Rosenbörse Lucerne

Opened in 2007

Rosenbörse Zurich

Opened in 2010

Rosenbörse Sihlbrugg

Our headquarter

The Future

Started as a family business, the Rosenbörse should remain in the family in the future. That is why Hervé Briatte’s son Pierre-Edouard joined the company in 2010 and will take over the business step by step. However, the two founders Hervé and Urs remain with the company for a while and together the family wants to carry their passion for roses out into Switzerland.