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The rose subscription

Bring joy regularly.

Create joy for a unique person.

You can of course also be this special person. 🙂

What is the rose sub?

Many would say that the perfect gift doesn’t exist. But who wouldn’t like to have freshly cut roses delivered regularly to their home or work?

There are suitable roses for every occasion and for every type of person and the person you are giving this present will always remember you positively and strengthen his relationship with you.

And sometimes it’s nice to maintain a relationship with yourself and do something good for you. Imagine that the roses come to you weekly, monthly or at a different frequency of your choice without having to lift a finger.

Receive roses regularly and in the delivery rhythm of your choice!

Order once, enter the frequency, enter the delivery address and you’re ready to go. A gift to you or to a special person with unique value.

How the rose sub works

The reason 

Isn’t it a shame if you have cleaned the apartment freshly again, everything around is sparkling clean, but the roses that you ordered a few weeks ago are still withered because you simply forgot in the hectic of your everyday life to order new ones?

Roses are incredibly appealing and, thanks to their great diversity, can put a smile on almost every face. Imagine you suddenly have beautiful and freshly cut roses in your apartment or at work without thinking… and that as regularly as you wish?

The subscription also offers many advantages for companies. Imagine how representative your meeting room, your lobby or your reception looks when there are always fresh roses and preferably in the color of your company logo.

Who is the rose subscription suitable for?

For very special people

Would you like to tell a very special person how much you value them? Be it your mother, your father, your best friend or another important person in your life… Or someone who has suffered a stroke of fate. With the rose subscription, you show these people great appreciation and give something that one does not forget so quickly due to the regularity.

For companies

For a company anniversary, you want to show your employees how valuable they are to the company. So why not give something special that is something fairly different than shopping vouchers or a simple nonrecurring bouquet of flowers? Our rose subscription also visually enhances your business premises when fresh roses always adorn the rooms.

For you

There is nothing nicer and easier to enhance your environment than blooming roses. The feeling of coming home with a delicate hint of delicious rose fragrance is irreplaceable. Roses radiate a cozy warmth in your environment due to the intense colors and cheer up your mood immediately. So why don’t you give yourself a treat and have roses sent home regularly? 🙂

Only 3 steps to your rose sub

1. Pick your style of roses

(or let us surprise you)

2. Select delivery rhythm

(e.g. every 14 days or every 1st Monday of the month)

3. Enter the recipient address

(or your own)