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Care tips
So you can enjoy your roses for a long time
The roses will love you for this 🙂
  1. Cut your roses at an angle with a sharp knife (without a serrated edge).
  2. Remove the leaves that would stand in the water.
  3. Use glass vases that are as clean as possible.
  4. Ideally, you add one teaspoon of Javel water per liter of water.
  5. Half of the rose stem should be in the water.
  6. Do not place the roses directly in the sun and never near fruit.
  7. Fill the vase with fresh tap water every day if possible.
  8. Put the roses in the evening cool.

1) Make sure your freeze-dried roses do not come in contact with water.

2) Also, you should never spray them.

3) Never expose your dried roses to direct sunlight.

4) Blow dust off occasionally, you can use a hair dryer on low setting for this.

So that you become a rose professional!

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Of course, you can have roses sent directly online to your home or to another address of your choice.

In fact, that's our favorite thing to do, it's always nice to surprise someone 🙂 You can just enter the recipient's desired address when checking out.

We love roses and that's why we love the day of love. That is why we are also happy to send roses on Valentine's Day.

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Your cut roses will give you the longest pleasure if they are not placed directly in the sunlight and not near a fully turned up heater. Place them near a window in a room flooded with light. Tip: The window front should face west or east, then the delicate flower does not get the full midday sun.

If roses wither after such a short time, it is mainly due to the quality. When buying, always make sure that you get really freshly cut roses that have not been in dead storage for a long time.

If you take good care of your roses, they will last up to 14 days in the vase. Follow our care tips for this.

Roses do not need much to be happy. Just ordinary fresh tap water is quite enough. Tip: Add a teaspoon of Javel water per liter of water to extend the shelf life.

Roses in the vase need fresh tap water at least every 2 days. Note that the rose stems are at least half in the water.

You should only use glycerine if you want to preserve your roses for a long time. Use a conventional glycerine from your local hardware store or pharmacy.

Although there are some fertilizers that are designed specifically for cut flowers, roses in the vase do not require fertilizer. They can be kept even so up to 14 days with regularly changed water and good care.

For roses are particularly suitable bulbous, almost spherical vases, which provide plenty of space for water - because roses are thirsty! Also, such a vase beautifully emphasizes the curves of the roses. The material does not make much difference, but plastic should always be the last choice.

However, much more important than the shape of the vase is its cleanliness. Always deep clean your vase before use and then every now and then in between.

It is best to re-cut your roses every time you change the water. (every 2 days) So the cut remains fresh and the roses can absorb the water optimally.

Adjust the length of the roses to your vase and remove any leaves that would stand in the water. Make sure that as much of the style as possible is left on, so that the styles can stand at least halfway in the water.

Cut the roses with a sharp knife (without serrations) at the bottom of the style at an angle, depending on the required length. Please do not use scissors for this, otherwise you will crush the water channels and the water absorption will be strongly inhibited. It is also better not to use tips found on the Internet, such as beating the roses flat with a hammer. Put the roses in water immediately after cutting to prevent blockage of the channels. Professionals even cut the roses directly under water.

If you do not cut your roses regularly, bacterial microorganisms will form at the old cut, which can increasingly spread. If you cut your roses regularly and change the water at the same time, they remain germ-free and therefore fresh longer. By cutting at an angle, you increase the surface area so that the roses can absorb more water.

Since roses are very versatile, they are actually suitable for any occasion. Whether at weddings, birthdays, company anniversaries, service anniversaries, awards, Valentine's Day, after strokes of fate or simply because you want to show appreciation to a person - with roses you rarely do anything wrong.

It depends very much on the person and the relationship with that person. If it is a woman with whom you have a good but not passionate relationship, the color light pink is perfect. Red, purple and orange roses are already much more passionate.

If it is a man, dark pink shows gratitude, red yellow shows joy, happiness & excitement and red shows a lot of passion.

Never give yellow roses in a partnership, they can stand for infidelity and jealousy. For a friendship, however, they are well suited, there they stand for fun and gratitude.

If you would like to learn more about this topic, we would be happy to advise you in one of our 4 stores

Not everyone speaks the language of roses, but those who understand it will quickly unmask the message behind it. Therefore, choose your roses for the first date very carefully and according to the following criteria:

  • Pink roses: If you want to look innocent and yet soulful. They are perfect for a first date.
  • Red roses If you want to make it clear from the beginning in which direction the date will lead. You stand for passion and love and could be too exaggerated & direct for certain people on the first date.
  • Lavender roses: Are also super suitable for a first date, because they stand for love at first sight!
  • Not a good choice for a first date: You should not choose white roses, they stand for shyness and are also associated by many with the wedding. The absolute no-go are yellow roses, in a relationship they stand for infidelity & jealousy and in general they stand for friendship - And the friend zone is the last thing you want to achieve on the first date.

You can't show more gratitude with any rose color than with dark pink. Therefore, this is the best choice for an apology. However, it always depends very much on the taste of the recipient, which you certainly know best 🙂 If in doubt, we will be happy to advise you!

Again, the choice depends largely on the taste of your partner. But in a relationship there is probably nothing more beautiful than to show your love and passion with a strong red rose.

However, you should avoid pure yellow roses, they can represent jealousy, infidelity & relationship problems.

For Christmas, there is not a classic rose that is usually given. However, we find a combination of white and red very suitable, as these are the typical colors of Santa Claus. Otherwise, choose the rose according to the taste of the recipient.

For the wedding, pink roses are a very popular classic because they stand for young love, being in love and beauty. Pink roses are also very popular because they stand for happiness & joy and radiate positive energy.

We recommend a beautiful bouquet of white, pink, pink and lavender roses, it harmonizes wonderfully together and looks really nice wedding.

Without any question, the classic rose for Valentine's Day is the red one. No type of flower represents Valentine's Day as much as the red rose. But if you want to slow it down a bit, light pink is also a great choice.

If you think that this rule has something to do with superstition, we can reassure you. Originally, this rule was created because of the French markets. The market always sold an even number of flowers, so if you wanted to stand out and show that you had a bulging wallet, you bought an odd number of flowers in an elegant flower store. Nowadays, the rule has only persisted because an odd number can be arranged in a vase much nicer and thus visually better. However, from a larger number is also no longer so elementary.

The following rose colors occur in nature:

  • Red: Love & Passion
  • Pink: Young, Beginning Love
  • White: innocence, fidelity, new beginning
  • Yellow: Friendship, fun & joy (but in a love relationship infidelity & problems).
  • Orange: happiness, enthusiasm & security
  • Purple: admiration & love at first sight

In the meantime, however, there are also various color mixtures which have been specially bred. Black and blue roses, on the other hand, do not occur in nature and can not be bred, they are artificially colored.

There are a few methods to dry roses properly. We will tell you the classic and the simplest method.


  • Roses air drying: Attach your roses to a piece of string and hang them upside down in a dry and dark room. Make sure that you do not tie the string too tightly, it must not cut the style in any case. After about 2 weeks, the roses are dry and can be sealed with a little hairspray against dust.
  • Roses drying in salt: This is the best trick to preserve the rich colors of your roses as much as possible. To do this, take a sealable container and fill it with some salt. Then place your roses in the container and pour in enough salt to completely cover your roses. Now you can close the container and enjoy your freshly dried roses after 2 - 3 weeks of waiting.
  • Roses in detergent drying: Yes, read correctly, that also works! And works exactly the same as the drying in the salt. With the detergent, however, you should still shake the vessel a little, so that really all cavities of the roses are covered with detergent.

If you want to preserve your roses in a way other than drying, we recommend preserving them with glycerin, which will keep the roses looking fresh for a long time, but may require 2-3 attempts until the result is perfect.


  • Get the roses of your choice best day fresh. (the fresher the better)
  • Then cut them diagonally with a sharp knife without serrations, as described above. The style should be no more than 20 cm long, the shorter the style, the faster the rose is preserved.
  • Now mix glycerine with lukewarm water (ratio 50/50) and empty the mixture into a vase. You can find glycerine in the hardware store or in some pharmacies.
  • Now place the freshly cut roses in the vase with the water/glycerin mixture. The preservation process now lasts 2 - 3 days, depending on the rose.
  • When small drops form on the flower, the preservation process is complete. Now you can take your roses out of the vase and use them for decoration anywhere without water.
  • (Optional) Now you can add some shine with hairspray and protect the preserved rose from dust.

Our roses are grown by Ecuadorian family farms at around 3,000m above sea level. The fertile environment, the mild daytime climate and the cool nights make the roses particularly robust.

We receive the roses fresh every day and make sure that the farms value human and environmental friendliness.

Between longevity and fragrance, unfortunately, roses always have to compromise. Particularly intensely fragrant roses are already far advanced in flowering and begin to wither quickly on it. Simple wild roses have the most intense fragrance, but are not very suitable for giving as gifts, because they are not as robust as cultivated roses.